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heart of lothian ark sz

1) wide boy

wide boys, wide boys, wide boys
born with hearts of lothian
wide boys, wide boys, born with hearts of lothian
wide boys, we were wide boys, born with hearts of lothian
these hearts of lothian

its six oclock in the tower blocks
the stalagmites of culture shock, (culture shock)
and the trippers of the light fantastic, bow down, hoe-down
spray their pheremones on this perfume uniform

and anarchy smiles in the royal mile
and theyre waiting on the sly boys, fly-boys, wideboys
rooting, tooting cowboys, lucky little ladies at the watering holes
theyll score the friday night goals
i was born, with a heart of lothian
with a heart of lothian

2) curtain call

and the man from the magazine
wants another shot of you all curled up
cos you look like an actor in a movie shot
but youre feeling like a wino in a parking lot
how did i get here anyway?
do we really need a playback of the show?
cos the wideboys want to head for the watering holes
watering holes, water-holes

lets go

and the man in the mirror had sad eyes


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