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blue oyster cult, blue oyster cult arklar, blue oyster cult ark szleri
1.after dark403
3.baby ice dog410
4.beat em up517
5.before the kiss369
6.black blade414
7.blue oyster cult405
8.burnin for you625
9.cagey cretins387
10.career of evil382
11.celestial the queen379
12.cities on flame374
13.dancin in the ruins624
15.death valley nights349
16.debbie denise400
17.del rios song465
18.divine wind402
19.dominance and submission381
20.dont fear the reaper578
21.dont turn your back447
22.dr music455
23.dragon lady444
25.eyes on fire434
26.fallen angel400
27.feel the thunder384
28.fire of unknown origin434
30.flaming telepaths382
32.goin through the motions476
33.golden age of leather337
34.harvester of eyes375
35.heavy metal: the black and silver72
36.hot rails to hell425
37.hungry boys457
38.i am the one you warned me of424
39.i am the storm399
40.i love the night398
42.in the presence of another world353
43.in thee405
44.im on the lamb but i aint no sheep453
45.joan crawford397
46.last days of may343
47.les invisibles391
48.let go486
49.light years of love491
50.lips in the hills407
51.lonely teardrops386
52.madness to the method397
53.magna of illusion362
54.make rock not war404
57.mistress of the salmon salt379
59.moon crazy399
60.morning final410
62.odd on life itself513
63.perfect water353
64.r u ready rock466
65.redeemed sir rastus bear371
66.revenge of the vera gemini420
68.searchin for celine482
69.seven screaming diz-busters396
70.shadow of california691
71.shadow warrior361
72.shes as beautiful as a foot599
73.shes as beautiful as a foot802
74.sinful love403
75.sole survivor400
76.spy in the house of the night439
77.stairway to the stars376
79.take me away417
80.tattoo vampire620
81.teen archer369
83.the great sun jester423
84.the marshall plan396
85.the reaper382
86.the red and the black390
87.the siege and investiture of baron von frankensteins castle at weisseria387
88.the vigil421
89.this aint the summer of love556
90.transmaniacon mc345
91.true confessions439
92.unknown tongue364
94.vengeance the pact406
95.veteran of the psychic wars377
96.when the war comes419
97.white flags379
98.wings wetted down386
99.workshop of telescopes356
100.youre not the one i was looking for445
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