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emperors song ark sz

what would you do if it all broke up
what would you do if the doors were shut
and the pearls are being eaten by the swine
what would you do when the worms dont turn
theres nothing left nowhere to run
and its looking slightly bleaker every day
do you follow your heart, do you follow the drum
do you follow the flag, do you shoulder the gun
do you slow march off the edge with head held high
do you do down gently without a fight
do you take it on the chin and beg for more
when the sword is raised and the trumpet calls
you bow down, bow down, bow down to the emperors song

did you believe in the post-war dream
do you hate dealing with machines
and ones picking up your prayer off the phone
you followed advice, you followed the work
you followed the rules, you gave it your lot
but a younger mans just taken on your job
weve all got long term contracts with the man upstairs
but whos picking up the options on our souls
when its one life firm and the deal is up
you bow down, bow down to the emperors song

what do you do when its all too much
when youre out of luck and out of touch
and you cant relate to anything they say
what you do when it gets too tough
when you want to say that enoughs enough
you want to walk away and just throw in the towel
do you go with the grain, do you go with the tide
do you go with the crowd, do you go for the ride
do you hang on in until the bitter end
theres a bandwagon leaving but its not for me
ive swallowed all the hooks and want no more
but when the lights are dimmed and the curtain calls
you bow down, bow down, to the emperors song



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