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credo ark sz


i watch the tv every night,
i stay awake by satellite,
i hope and pray the nightmares,
stay away today.

an oily shroud on a coral reef,
a black clouds hanging over me.
when i hit on the remote,
the programmes stay the same.
credo, credo, credo, credo.

an assegai slick with sweat and blood,
a shotgun barks at a rabid dog,
a shallow grave hugs a highway,
beneath a bleaching sun.

credo, credo, credo, credo,
it dont mean nothin; it dont mean nothin
it dont mean nothin; it dont mean nothin to me.

when cancer sucks a young girls breast.
when a company chains a young mans soul
when the coal dust stole
my grandads breath away.


a tattered tramp tacks a windy wynd,
to close a crowded circle a braziers light,
a man becomes a mountain, in the falling snow.
a mother screams and a baby cries.
the memory gone before the blood has dried.
a needle pricks the conscience,
to help it fade away.


the more you scream, the less you hear,
or thats how it used to be.
but i just cant tell the difference
anymore these days.
the open lips of an alter[1] boy,
a planet spins in a silent void,
the options are ever fewer
on the ground these days

[1] sic. is this supposed to be altar? this is how it appears on the lyric sheet.


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