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brother ark sz

doc: "tattoo shop"
fish: "hi doc"
doc: "hey fish, what are you doin?"
fish: "if you dont mind, were gonna record this. is that cool?"
doc: "oh thats cooler n hell. hell yeah, 52s biggest dream man.
you know his biggest dream was, me and him go party with you."

on the trail of torn-out twisters, two angels on a mission came
dust devils danced before them in the path of the hurricane.
on the road to oklahoma, through the flatlands from l.a.
from the shadows in the valley, from a country where the lizards play.
while they drove they kept the radio on, why dont you singalong, singalong, singalong.

(chorus:) tattoo, tattoo, tattoo, tattoo, tattoo, tattoo, tattoo, tattoo brother 52
tattoo, tattoo, tattoo, tattoo, tattoo, tattoo, tattoo, tattoo brother 52
i dont think so.

a man stands behind his shadow, a man stands behind his words.
these men are together with family to defend their rights in another mans world.
most people stood against them, most people disagreed
with the need for all those weapons in our safe, secure society.
paint the words and the pictures on another mans skin
we are lover, warrior, magician kings.


doc:"fuckin brilliant, man. ok, heres what happened. 52 barred the door shut from the inside. a gunfight started on the front porch. 52 shot back. you know...they come into his home with it, so hes protecting himself. the guy inside the house blew his brains out. yeah, they made it look like he killed himself. but, no one believes he would, cause hes not that kind of man. thats all, i think, he wasnt afraid of death. you know, he believed in something to die for, thats what he did."
some say he had it coming, others say he was sole to blame
but who says theyve got the rights if any at all to blow the brothers away.
a man got a right to wonder, a man got a right to dream,
without looking over his shoulder to choose the manner of the life he leads.
one mans thoughts on another mans skin
we are lover, warrior, magician kings.


doc: "what they have done, was theyve come in and murdered him, for his bombs and his ammunition. just like that waco texas or any of these other things, over here in the united states. anybody thats stockpiling firearms and ammunitions is a threat to the government, so the government wages war against us. they tortured him, he went out but im sure he stood up like he was supposed to, you know? they smashed all the rings shut on his fingers with a hammer. it was all an orchestrated plan, man. the more.. the closer i was getting to it.. to the truth, the more they got everybody looking at me as being the guy that pulled the trigger. and what they did when they killed 52, is they broke the whole family up.
thats exactly what they wanted to do.
they wanted to break all of us up."


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