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big wedge ark sz

i found a new religion yesterday, id just cleared immigration jfk
a priest got in a cadillac, the shoe shine boy sang gospel
as god and his accountants drove away.
youll see him coast to coast on live tv, in a stadium
rocked by satan just the night before
the collection from the faithful is tax free
itll pay for his presidential campaign and his yacht

and we all bow down, we bow down to the big wedge
and well buy ourselves some heaven on earth
we sell our souls, sell our souls for big wedge
are we selling out tomorrow for today?

a surgeon checks your plastic on the telephone
a casio concerto entertains you while you hold
your credit ratings good for a madonna or a bardot
a dali or a picasso for his wall.

youre looking good, looking good with big wedge
are you holding back tomorrow for today?
theyre driving in, driving in with big wedge
are we selling out tomorrow for today?

youll sell the ground beneath your feet
youll sell your oil, youll sell your trees
you ideals and integrity your culture and your history
your children into slavery to labour in their factories
your mother and your family
youll sell the world eventually.
the imf and cia; theres just no difference theyre all the same!
it just depends on whats your point of view

america, america the big wedge
and theyre buying up your tomorrow with promises
the promises of big wedge and theyll break them
like your hearts another day
when you find out that youve left it just too late
and find that youre the only one to blame
that you sold out your tomorrow for big wedge


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