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red red red ark sz

i dont understand about complementary colors
and what they say
side by side they both get bright
together they both get gray

but hes been pretty much yellow
and ive been cryin blue
but all i can see is
red, red, red, red, red now
what am i to do

i dont understand about
diamonds and why men buy them
whats so impressive about a diamond
except the mining

and its dangerous work
trying to get to you too
and i think if i didnt have to
kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill myself doing it
maybe i might not glisten so much for you

ive been watching all the time
and i still cant find the track
and i wanna know is it okay
is it just fine
was it my fault
is it my lack

i dont understand about
the weather outside
the harbinger to the words
that somebody lied

theres solace a bit for submitting
to the fitfully cryptically true
whats happened has happened
whats coming is already on its way
with a role for me to play

i dont understand
ill never understand
but im trying to understand
theres nothing else i can do


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