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better version of me ark sz

the nickel dropped
when i was on
my way beyond
the rubicon
what did i do

and the games that i can handle
none are ones worth the candle
what should i do

im a frightened, fickle person
fighting, cryin, kickin, cursin
what can i do

oooh, after all the folderol,
and hauling over coals
what will i do

cant take a good day without a bad one
dont feel just to smile until ive had one
where did i learn

i make a fuss about a little thing
the rhyme is losing to the riddling
wheres the turn

i dont want a home, id ruin that
home is where my habits have a habitat
why give it a turn
what did i learn

i am likely to miss the main event
if i stop to cry and complain again
so i will keep a deliberate pace
let the damned breeze dry my face

ooooh mister wait until you see
what im gonna be

ive got a plan, a demand and it just began
and if youre right, youll agree

heres coming a better version of me
here it comes a better version of me
here it comes a better version of me


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