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bla bla radio ark sz

sign your name at the bottom and set the record straight.
the cannibal sold out this morning in attempt to seal our fate...
eyes, watching us...

theyve finally got a hold of a better connection.
the government approved on a private collection.
a court-appointed enemy. just like you.
to leave us alone and then you go into the...

bla bla!
coming through the bottom of your stereo.
bla bla!
coming through the generation radio.
bla bla!
coming through the television media.
bla bla! bla bla! bla bla bla...

theyve finally pushed it through in a crooked election.
the media controls human love and affection.
theyll try to profit off of you, the chosen few, the media slaves.
thats what i say into the...


watch out its gonna break, as soon as the sun hits my house.
cause i can see the dust clouds above the sky.
sound waves go, inside a pocket radio.
well they cant see you.
the satellite is doing fine... doing justice fine
i found a hint of truth, made a couple corrections.
had a buddy knew a guy with a private collection.
hell court and film you enemy, just for you the chosen few.
thats why we bring him to the...



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