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why dont you love me ark sz

why am i lonely
youre sitting right here
why am i talking
its like im talking to the air
what am i looking for
that just isnt there
why am i angry
howd it get so bad
and why am i missing
what we
never really had

why dont you love me
the way i love you
why dont you feel things
as deep as i do
weve got a fundamental difference
in matters of emotion
but i need to feel you need me
like a river needs an ocean
baby why dont you love me

who am i kidding
it wasnt meant to be
but you wanted a believer
and i needed to believe
for every wall you built around you
i learned a brand new way to climb
and if i couldve been your angel
i wouldve found a way to fly

i dont understand you
whats it take to make you cry
and if leaving you dont break you
then baby whats it matter why


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