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never said goodbye ark sz

i got a friend
he lives down in old albuquerque
we used to watch the sun coming up together
but he was hungry then
and he got restless
i heard he took a wife
i think her name is heather

all of a sudden im driving in the rain
with the santa fe horizon
calling out my name
shouldve done it sooner
now i know its time
cause we said a lot of things baby
but we never said goodbye

we were a team
we were the best of friends
we had a world where no one else could find us
the summer passed
september came too soon
and suddenly that world was all behind us
chorus 2

driving through the desert
with nothing on my mind
but the thought of catching up
with a ghost i left behind
dont know what ill do
but i know ive got to try
cause we said a lot of things baby
but we never said goodbye

i drove 1000 miles
chasing a memory
but all the pieces of what used to be have scattered
and all the little things
that used to mean so much
i look around me now and see that they dont matter
chorus 3

all of a sudden im driving home again
cause sometimes goodbye is better left unsaid
the santa fe horizon will know the reason why
i said a lot of things to you
but i never said goodbye


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