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love lift me ark sz

somebody told me
once in a lifetime
destiny finds you and blows you away
spins you in circles
pulls you in pieces
bleeds you like jesus
and goes on its way
but its oh so simple sometimes
just to lay your heart open wide
if you wanna get to heaven
then you gotta take the ride

love lift me
wherever you are
convince me
im safe in your arms
love lift me
make sense of it all
teach me to fly
and dont let me fall

somebody told me
love makes you stupid
makes you go crazy
makes you go blind
comes uninvited
and leaves when it wants to
calls you at midnight and ties up your line
but its oh so sweet when its right (theres nothin better)
and you swear you wont but you might (youre gonna try)
gotta fumble in the dark if you wanna see the light

and when its all said and done
its just the same for everyone
youre busy making your plans
loves like a bird baby
flying out of your hands

and its oh so hard to explain (we dont know nothin)
and your heart gets hold of your brain (but still we try)
better batten down the hatches baby
here we go again

love lift me
wherever you are
convince me
im safe in your arms
love lift me
im waiting on you
cause nothing can
lift me
the way that you do
love lift me
love lift me
love lift me (only love can take me higher)
i wanna fly


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