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blondie, blondie arklar, blondie ark szleri
2.: live in dallas72
3.a shark in jets clothing470
4.a shark in jets clothing/i know but i dont know live in philadelphia493
5.accidents never happen379
6.angel eyes757
7.angels on the balcony363
9.atomic armands short circuit mix457
10.atomic diddy remix527
11.atomic diddys " mix585
12.atomic original single version490
13.babble a la roy452
15.bad dreams421
16.bang a gong get it on live401
17.bermuda triangle blues flight376
18.beyond the limit398
19.bike boy425
20.boom boom in the zoom zoom room1206
21.brite side388
22.buckle up411
24.call me454
25.call me debbie does dallas600
26.call me e-smooves beat vocal mix452
27.call me spanish version472
28.call me theme from american gigolo original single version363
30.can i find the right words to say426
31.cautious lip393
33.comic books519
35.contact in red square378
37.dancing down the moon399
39.denis live in philadelphia356
41.die young stay pretty366
42.dig up the conjo415
44.do the dark390
45.dog star girl442
46.doncha go way mad493
47.dont look around514
48.double take918
51.dreaming live in dallas438
52.dreaming the sub-urban dream mix355
53.dreaming utah saints mix399
54.eat to the beat419
55.end of the run375
56.english boys405
59.fade away and radiate414
60.fade away and radiate bpm mix384
61.fade away and radiate live in philadelphia390
62.fan mail393
63.feel the spin extended version379
64.follow me688
65.for your eyes only407
66.forced to live361
67.forgive and forget413
68.free to fall349
69.french kissin in the usa494
70.get your way401
71.go through it387
72.hanging on the telephone397
73.hanging on the telephone live in dallas355
74.hanging on the telephone nose bleed handbag mix454
75.happy dog for caggy401
76.he is so399
77.heart of glass379
78.heart of glass best of blondie mix350
79.heart of glass diddys adorable illusion mix475
80.heart of glass disco version414
81.heart of glass live in dallas408
82.heart of glass mk " mix374
83.heart of glass original single version374
84.heart on a wall381
85.heres looking at you552
86.heroes live385
87.i can see clearly463
88.i didnt have the nerve to say no423
89.i know but i dont know780
90.i want that man394
91.i want that man allanah currie-tom bailey385
92.i want you408
93.imitation of a kiss330
94.in love with love366
95.in love with love justin strauss and murray elias remix435
96.in the flesh348
97.in the flesh best of blondie mix375
98.in the sun387
99.in the sun live in dallas477
100.inner city spillover337
101.island of lost souls468
102.island of lost souls original single version444
103.it came from outer space-star dust564
104.ill never fall in love517
105.im always touched by your presence, dear475
106.im gonna love you too781
107.im on e513
108.jive samba part ii475
109.jump jump435
110.just go away452
111.keep on going484
113.kiss it better475
114.kung fu girls426
115.lip service411
116.little caesar466
117.little girl lies419
118.little metal drummer little metal drummer493
119.little metal drummer prelude490
120.live it up414
121.living in the real world404
122.living in your heart491
123.look good in blue372
124.love at the pier355
126.lil darlin523
127.man overboard389
129.maybe for sure418
130.maybe im lost593
131.military rap369
132.mood ring430
133.my last date with you436
134.my little world383
135.night wind sent385
136.no exit397
137.no imagination427
138.no talking just head391
139.nothing is real but the girl386
140.now i know you know434
141.numbers dont count on me487
144.once i had a love534
145.one way or another429
146.one way or another damiens supermarket mix423
147.one way or another live in philadelphia364
148.one way or another original single version408
149.orchid club418
150.out in the streets390
151.picture this326
152.picture this live in philadelphia351
153.platinum blonde389
154.poets problem753
155.pork chop420
156.pretty baby423
157.puerto rico454
160.rapture k-klass remix392
161.rapture k-klassic mix362
162.rapture k-klassic radio mix364
163.rapture original promo single version335
164.rifle range422
165.ring of fire live767
166.rip her to shreds464
168.rush rush extended version411
170.screaming skin359
171.secret life415
173.slow motion391
174.slow motion live in dallas381
177.standing in my way392
178.strike me pink388
179.sunday girl408
180.sunday girl best of blondie mix376
181.sunday girl french version361
182.sunday girl hardly handbag mix438
183.sunday girl live in dallas405
185.susie and jeffrey389
186.sweet and low382
189.the attack of the giant ants393
190.the beast434
191.the dreams lost on me577
192.the fugitive364
193.the hardest part383
194.the hunter gets captured by the game374
195.the jam was moving335
196.the jam was moving chris stein and debbie harry remix383
197.the king of steam405
198.the thin line364
199.the tide is high405
200.the tide is high original single version408
201.the tide is high sand dollar mix369
202.under arrest423
203.under the gun [for jeffrey lee pierce]327
204.under the ice364
205.underground girl359
206.union city blue472
207.union city blue diddys power and passion mix461
209.walk like me382
210.war child417
211.well, did you evah376
212.will anything happen384
213.x offender383
214.you got me in trouble427
215.you look good in blue live in dallas391
216.youth nabbed as sniper353
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