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lets get lost ark sz

weve done our cold time, you and i
fought off the raging of this northern sky
and heaven knows i wanna compare the ocean to your eyes
baby, lets fly
doin hard time, day to day
huddled beneath this winter sun all frozen grey
you lose your freedom while you watch the season slip away
but not today
livin in the darkness, baby
comin all undone
been a cruel december, now were prayin for the sun
by the time the storm rolls in, we could be long gone
baby, lets get lost til the days get long
just you and i
frost on the outside brings a chill within
seems like we hide our hearts away when the days get dim
lets shake it off, lets shake it up
were not the kind who just give in
so lets begin
voices in your head say stay
i can hear them too
but those doubtsll fade away
in our room with a view
theres a sweet breeze blowin somewhere, baby
all you gotta do
is tell me that its time to go
and ill be there with you
chorus repeat


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