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believe in you ark sz

somewhere theres a river
looking for a stream
somewhere theres a dreamer
looking for a dream
somewhere theres a drifter
trying to find his way
somewhere someones waiting
to hear somebody say

i believe in you
i cant even count the ways that
i believe in you
and all i want to do is help you to
believe in you

somewhere theres an angel
trying to earn his wings
somewhere theres a silent voice
learning how to sing
some of us cant move ahead
were paralyzed with fear
and everybodys listening
cause we all need to hear

i will hold you up
i will help you stand
i will comfort you when you need a friend
i will be the voice thats calling out

i believe in you
i cant even count the ways that
i believe in you
and all i want to do is show you
i believe in you
and there are just so many ways that
i believe in you
baby, what else can i do but believe in you - believe in you
all i want to know is you believe - believe in you


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