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blind guardian, blind guardian arklar, blind guardian ark szleri
1.a dark passage434
2.a past and future secret348
3.age of false innocence382
5.and the story ends390
6.and then there was silence323
7.another holy war385
8.ashes to ashes430
9.banish from sanctuary395
10.barbara ann by the regents / long tall sally by johnson / penniman / blackwell427
11.battalions of fear380
12.battle of sudden flame450
14.beyond the realms of death by judas priest343
15.black chamber534
16.blood tears419
17.born in a mourning hall359
18.bright eyes399
19.damned for all time330
20.dont break the circle490
21.face the truth521
22.fast to madness351
23.final chapter thus ends424
24.follow the blind387
25.goodbye my friend396
26.guardian of the blind361
27.hall of the king410
28.hallelujah by deep purple354
29.harvest of sorrow393
30.imaginations from the other side357
31.into the storm479
32.im alive448
33.journey through the dark416
34.lord of the rings597
35.lost in the twilight hall364
37.mirror mirror314
38.mordreds song608
39.mr sandman by pat ballard499
41.noldor dead winter reigns403
42.nom the wise682
43.out on the water466
44.precious jerusalem337
45.punishment divine352
46.run for the night369
47.sadly sings destiny324
48.somewhere far beyond326
49.spread your wings by queen338
50.surfin usa by the beach boys409
51.the bard389
52.the curse of feanor373
53.the eldar780
54.the last candle388
55.the maiden and the minstrel knight400
56.the martyr354
57.the minstrel642
58.the quest for tanelorn378
59.the script for my requiem338
60.the soulforged379
61.the steadfast593
62.the wizard by uriah heep401
63.theatre of pain392
65.time stands still at the iron hill389
66.time what is time390
67.to france385
69.traveler in time341
70.trial by fire by satan381
71.under the ice331
73.wait for an answer370
74.war of wrath412
75.welcome to dying404
76.when sorrow sang330
77.wizards crown503
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