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to the underworld ark sz

to the underworld im going down
step into the ground
into the breath from the gutter of the underworld
what will be i dont know
and i dont care if somebodys asking me
but i never will go
back to the places where i once used to be
i dont care who you were
cause we never stay the same
every moments a change in the complicated game
i dont care where youve been, everybodys astray
like a homeless bird in the stormy bay
now im on my way, from the other side
direction unknown which is always
what you cant understand
vague vision in front as the past is calling you
never ever turn around, better wait
till the blizzard comes to an end
i dont care where youve been
cause we never meet again
no one can return says the travellin man
i dont care who you were, were all growing old
every moments a change say albert
and the heart of gold


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