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to germany with love ark sz

i am an emigree,
i write to germany
in foreign words,
a tongue of actuality
hands in grey gloves
to germany with love
a war between the wars
a war between the wars
triumph over by
gone sorrow
can in unity be won
let them all persue this purpose
till reality is gone
i am an unexpected spy
from the outside of my eye
translate it first
then comprehend
im here indeed
but there i stand
i write to germany,
i write to germany
to germany with love,
to germany with love
this is the turn of colours
all real, some still unseen
there is no more decision
cause theres too much in between
let us build a nightmare nation
learn and work as never yet
that this cold new generation
faith in its own fears beget
here comes the modern rat,
here comes the terror squad
ours is the salt of wisdom,
here we come all dressed in black
from the ruins risen slowly
to the future turned we stand
flourish in this blessing glory
flourish german fatherland
i write to germany,
i write to germany
all quiet in germany,
all quiet in germany


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