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soulman ark sz

smiling faces when youre no.1, its on, can you relate
the people that you meet are the people that you love to hate walk this way, talk this way, suckers on my tip-no i dont need no bodyguards, i dont need no ridiculous jewelry vibing the industry, its people- acting funny with my money, its everything will be taken care of, honey- the fuzzing and the buzzing- the dealing and the wheeling, shady bitches in big, black limousines digging my stuff with a gangsterly..huhu, cashflows extreme yes, im getting paid, hey, heres what the people say, this fools glocking crazy geeze the bitch is selling out- hes given up integrity-..huh
to me its a job, the case is sublime, you get yours, i get mine - call me a prostitute
digging the inner so you dont get under, no, my name aint alexander the great but came and i saw and i conquered and now im in the house
and now the house is haunted cause i can talk this shit
im in the game, even when theyre kicking it, a hustler
hitting the big time with mental stamina, with karma spread from the south of france. to l.a.- to indochina, and i dont quit, im coming on with another hit and playing it rough- with an attitude way out there, yeah no playing it safe in here, -fool, you dont wanna be rude, - go ahead ---you dont wanna be rude, -go ahead call me a prostitute
i was born, growing up, i finished my cup, said good luck, dad- with a back up from the giddy up-- began as a problem youth, running wild with the deuce, the juice
i tolled a while but not in vain, whiskey, women, joy and pain i had to get away and start my own odyssey. and now im back,--whats up,--check me,--take a loupe,--for the close up see me through, im a soulman, im a soulman, and i go shoob...
aint no sellout, im the shit, there aint no substitute you get yours and i get mine, call me a prostitute.. im a soulman, and i go shoob, im a soulman..


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