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sister sun ark sz

tell me is it really true
theres something goin on outside
i just can feel it
i heard it on the radio
im not allowed to go outside
i cant believe it
theres a big hole in the sky
where the radiations breaking through
and we just sit and stare
like the rabbit at the snake
theres so much we could do
but we gotta do it now
cause its gettin pretty late
better hurry now
we all need the sun
we need love and light for everyone
we need our atmosphere
to live in here
we could be so strong
we overthrow the government and stop
whats goin wrong
were fighting for the sun
its really hard to understand the change of sister sun
as if your sunny smile would turn into a deadly one
its not a quality of life to live inside a mighty trap
to have that ice-cold coke beyond the radiation gap
there should be more resistance
against industrial trusts
and if theres no solution, there should be revolution
i wonder if we start in time,
were racing with the seconds
i wonder if weve got enough
to talk to stupid politicians
we all need the sun....
hold on to revolution.....
members of the earth, lets fighting for the sun


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