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paradigm shift ark sz

lets dance
stop to fight
we do the paradigm shift tonite
yeah, its a natural drift alright
and its coming up out of the blur
out of your mind from deep below
the hidden harmonies discover
chaos which means order
evolutions not a model of yours
for quietness is stronger than motion and silence is stronger than sound
were listening to the tone which is not played
nothing is what we want
nothing is what we get
but the holistic moment of all
that is the way
do you hear the river flow
you talked yourself into wrong questions
you dont care about the answers
you let the others be the good ones
youre part of the deathbringing system
theres no place where you can hide
stop! chasing the wrong gods of time
im running out of time
time kills
youre lowering hopes much too much, getting into the grind much too much
and losing faith in your abilities
the loyalty to your beloved system of belief must surrender
to chaos which means order, evolutions not a model of yours
for quietness is stronger than motion
do you hear the river flow
do you hear it!?


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