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triplets ark sz

-phone conversation-

[fat joe]
since day one, niggaz died at the don
cause i was anon, now terror squad is a thousand beyond
not only strong but we loyal and royally treated
quadripalegic any squad that wanna squab when im heated
not even god can believe it, the way we regulate
and levitate, heavyweight niggaz like they was featherweight
every day i do the same thang
its the paid game, to amputate more body parts than gangrene

[big punisher]
yo this a mans game, its a shame how niggaz truly mock me
but who can stop me, from breakin niggaz off like fujiyaki?
my crews probably the only niggaz that really live the lyrics
niggaz really fear us, they must of heard we really killers
were philly fillers and 40 guzzlers with millimeters
and army cutters willie niggaz that laundry dollars
im nostradamus predictin the future, my position is crucial
with a known friction obsession addicition to shoot ya -blam-

[fat joe]
hey yo im better off dead than givin the feds the satisfaction
subtractin my freedom have me missin in action

[big punisher]
a fraction of yall, raw like colt to the jaw
the rest of yall, fear war, and couldnt follow out the protocol

[fat joe]
joe the god is like the angel of death, strangle your neck
thats why don cartagenas the name your respect

[big punisher]
i bring the pain to your chest, thatll make you question your threshold
flex like you been forced, still "bless you" like a chest cold
we destined to explode, thats why i stay on flip mode
your dick rode me long enough dunn, now you can let go

chorus: big punisher

every man in this world has a destiny
cant no other rapper in this game get the best of me; unless you just
def dumb and blind you know the pedigree
better get ready because im veddy and there aint no gettin rid of me
(repeat 2x)

[fat joe]
uh, uh, uh, yo!
somebody hold me back, joey cracks about to load the gat
and blow this track to the stars like the zodiac
hold me back this max n better, out for the ass n cheddar
but fast cash dont last forever

[big punisher]
i asked the felons, if i dont stay wrapped in leathers
and hats with feathers, i got all the ostriches actin jealous
track the trailers in chrome black cateras
two hundred inch mickey thompsons, flown back from paris

dat dats the illest, these body tracks make a rap killings
others is trying to stack billions out in crack buildings
my destiny was to shine,? to climb
especially in time, with the recipe in mind
from the jump start, they aint have to pump hard in this
i was a part of this, and marvelous stats, it wasnt hard to miss
and yo, i had to burn cats like arsonists and still continue
whose on my menu? a record deal they couldnt lend you
i had to burn my glock and earn my spot
the time flew by, had to turn my clock
and start with a new resume, not really that bitch named desree
she aint really my dream theres a better way -- what?
prospectll have to collect dough
dialin 905 to l-a-x with somethin i was tryin to drive
a life thats trife for what i wore in the fuckin?
a thug in pain, i swear to my little cousins grave

chorus 1x

[big punisher]
every man in this world has a destiny
cant no other rapper in this game get the best of me; unless you just
def dumb and blind you know the pedigree
better get ready because im dead in a minute if youre?

-phone conversation-


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