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pandoras lullaby ark sz

so you hugged the globe
now its whirling too fast
i really got no hope to hang on to the past
the train has departed, the toxins have started
to announce that none will last
i cower in the gutter of a world thats not so near
and i listen to their mutters that are spinning through the air
the words unspoken, the promises broken
and the ones who really care
im the watcher of the scene
i see our shadows on the screen
and when the subway brakes to preserve some suicidal bee
i stop to breathe for a while
maybe it was me
this is the world gliding by
like the driftwood beams
on a lifetimes stream
the instant fundamental sky for pandoras lullaby
i see distorted faces coined like gold
and in their wrinkles programs that commercial gurus told
a watermark against a spark
umbrellas that they hold
im gliding in the distance and watch the world go by
an orbit full of questions, a perforated sky
but i just sit and wonder a bit that they never wonder why


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