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firewater ark sz

you know what i mean, mira
lets get this money sorted and counted, word
know what i mean, dame te culo mami
give me my shit back, mira, hey yo
fat joe and them is here now, word
shine like marbles, collects diamonds
the remix, add on son
politic for the real ones...>

we get knots, like stockbrokers who own marriotts
blast shots for all my niggas who splash cops
the rich corleone camp is here, thousand and one
corner son, fake a jack, you be a goner....


yo, control this rap like napoleon
half-mongolian, hold it, you owe me in
rock em like linolieum, yeah
lex, diamonds, shinin like you rhymin
929n, titanium glass, time to play that ass
whirlwinds of french, come movin intense
time to pull again, release the shell,well
make em yell again, so sleek
but im a be maxin in suites
countin your paper and countin your sheeps
hittin your chick in jeeps
miraculously, attack your faculty, who wanna tackle me?
you jack mack, kidnap em for free
what?, you got heat, you better pop those
we movin like gestapos, through underground potholes
that rock those, much land discoveries
chrome rims, sippin bubbly
who livin lovily, half a brick to cover me
so dissin me, come on now listen g,
yous a dime im a key
thun, thun straight out of sicily
now, back to the stash crib
joey crack baggin up cracks
one love, give em jeep bags, kid!


fat joe-

word...life, ill be the infamous
who leaks the witnesses, cracks the wickedest
run up in your crib, blast your kids
aint no myth in this, shits official
ill pistol-whip you with my smith & wesson
cause my investin was sendin rappers to heaven
gives me an erection
you need protection from the smooth assassin
who really moves at action, blastin mothafuckas
execution fashion
now whos the fat one that you love to hate
catch you at your mothers wake, smack you
then ill wack you with my snub 38
it doesnt take much to make me restless
look at my face and definite lose your breath
truck my face is lexus
you want to test this, so really?,
ill make one call and have the whole wu comin on the ferry
im very dangerous and well-connected
i puff an l with method, then try to
decide whos next to fill his neck slit
so respected and admired the boss, retired your lost
wu tang, your terror squad, vaya con dios!



you guys despise guys like us
guys like us, disgust like spartacus
you cuss and claim a bust
you lust for a part of us, you thrust
but cant touch
plus we far from any type of fellas you can trust
put the pressure on the mic, i biz
press to your chest, sound like sweat on my back
were having sex, tight-ass flex
pretty pocahontas pussy sweet, like my new tek
sis got curves like a gs, 300 lex
my bodys 95% alcohol, 5% cancer
sosa diamonds, getty, lucci, blaze it up like bonanza
catch me in the cut, easy gs is burnin my gut
as i remember my menage au trois was mired by sluts
i questionmark your heart, punctuate your fate
all your version predicates
done as well as you pronunciate
in the (west)?,were gonna break you off the isle
take c.o.s hostage arab style, no surrender


fat joe-

yo, im all about business and enterprisin
advisin financial advisors on franchisin the wider than horizons
divisin ideas with masterminders
movin on a stash of diamonds
first we get the cash, then we laugh like miners
dont get me wrong im a funny bastard
but when it come to money, son, im not the one to laugh with
im after for what cash can bring me brothers
me and my demon lovers blast and laugh at hyenas
back to ringling brothers believe them others
yous the best, yet, and still
im investin mils on a hunch over lunch
puffin on a chesterfield, who wants to test
the real scandalous
im at the sands in los angeles
plannin hits with an ananymous philanthropist
spanish kids, close to god, like evangelists
choppin niggas up and makin sandwiches....

big shout to my man raekwon, word is bond


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