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warm fuzzy feeling ark sz

i got a warm fuzzy feeling
when i saw you on tv
you were wearing a piece of me
and it breaks my heart to look around
and see the unimpressed
who cant believe the emperor is dressed

turn on my tv
i want to check some action
if you got no video
well then folks dont wanna know
but with you up there to light the way
i can wear a smile as i survey
the faces in the dark
waiting for you to hit one out of the park

we notice every tiny little detail
every word we read well take to heart
but we never really understand
until we realize
there are no lies
when you see that look in their eyes

what are we gonna use to fill the empty space
when you see her in the crowd...
will you make your mama proud?
she can turn around and see the faces
staring at her son
climbing his way up to #1


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