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telephone calls ark sz

telephone calls
apartment a is at it again
paper thin walls
shes been sleeping around with other men
and other women
but right about now her head is swimming
hes breakin up the furniture
screamin and a yellin
about to beat the hell outta her

chorus 1
television ringin in my ear
ive been thinkin
havent had a break in 20 years
ive been drinkin

telephone calls
insanity is just another ring away
i get the paper
take a look at it every single day
another episode
another life flushed down the camode(spelling?)
were all carrying such a heavy load
i get no slack
its breakin my back

chorus 2
television ringin in my ear, ive been drinkin
havent had a break in 20 years
ive been thinkin get me out of here..
til the coast is clear

television ringinin my ear, ive been thinkin
havent had a break in 20 years
i keep drinkin television ringin in my ear,
i keep drinkin liquor, wine, and beer
ive been thinkin
get me out of here
ive been thinkin..


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