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wings of serenity ark sz

oh, you graceful eagle
that soar in the air,
how i enjoy your chainless life
you are calling from your sky
living under the sun,
just riding the winds up high.

your cliff is your castle,
youre natures truly royal,
aking in brown and grey,
look down on the foolish man
competing with time,
chasing his precious day

youre flying on winds of serenity
into the blinding light.
youre the majesty of freedom
living life at its height
youre flying on wings of serenity
youre soaring above the ground
you are the majesty of freedom
tranquillity is your crown

oh, please let me follow you
on your journey to the clouds
take me up on your wide wings
and show me your world
we will cross the skies
new horizons well see,
cross the slumbering landscapes
and disappearing into the dawn


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