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upon the grave of guilt ark sz
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upon the grave of guilt ark sz

deep inside the black and winding mazes
im running from my ghouls,
my own thoughts are replaced by
the hidden faces deep from my soul.
longing to see time rolling by
to case the thoughts of regret
my bad conscience tears me apart,
how will i ever forget
dark recollections
gnaw my inside
ive tried to run
and ive tried to hide
reaching the barrow
of my memories
to lay the final stone upon the grave
searching inner kingdoms
for control
to put the lid of oblivion
upon the grave of guilt
as i look into the mirror
i do not see my face
two lying hollow eyes is staring back
with the look of shame and disgrace
my past is darkening my futureas my present dies
every morning is a step towardsy
the edge of my souls demise
yesterdays demonsis like a plague to my mind
that never seems to cure
imprisoning me tow
hat i left behindletting my conscience
unchaine no more


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