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trail of flames ark sz

soaked in the silver rain
they rode through the woods.
crossed the mountains
and crossed the rivers so deep.
they came at dawn
with fire and steel,
left at dusk, a trail of flames.

reach up high to touch the sky,
brothers in arms side by side.
in defiance we unite
for the glory and victory
and for the times soon to be.

[erik and valdemar:]
the trail of flames will be our harbinger.
let the fire mark our words.
the trail of flames
our messenger on black wings,
let our answer be heard.

ride on for me my friends
and fear no more.
ride for freedom
and ride for the truth.
well come at dawn again
with fire and steel
leaving nothing but ashes behind.

although were bonded by blood
were divided by the lords pride.
dishonouring we will not stand
nor will god who stands by our side.


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