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the sceptre of deception ark sz

-it is with joy that i greet you.
come inside, taste what is served for you.
food does not lack, neither do wine.

action or fate,
lets stir the mighty cauldron.
love versus hate
by the sceptre of deception.

-toast for you
and your glorious kingdom,
the home of heroes since early days.
toast for us
and the newborn friendship.
it will now lead us on our way.

when the night became morning
the fire was no more, just reddest glow.
down from the stairs the guards did descend.

-storming in upon us in the night,
what is this supposed to be.
give me my sword and ill:..

-our swords are useless here and now
so give up this pointless fight.
doomed is our luck tonight.

-ease this burden for i can not bare it,
when dark shadows upon my soul play.
cant look into the future
as my eyes cannot see the light of day.

-maybe you remember the game you played
me and my queen years ago?
now its my time to play!

-who is laughing so evil?
its the queen behind the walls of greed!
what cruel deed has she now done?


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