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substitutional world ark sz

you stared too long into the sun
forgot the rest of the sky
dont let the gambler lead you astray
the truth is slipping further away
take a good look up to the sky
and tell me what do you see
isnt there a sun amongst the clouds?
then where else could it be?

substitutional world
has become their home for all time,
they will never taste the real
they live in a cage
restricted by their own hands
they will never feel free

have you ever been dazzled
by the bright morninglight?
have you ever heard the birds sing
have you ever tasted the gifts
of mother earth?
youve burnt all your precious wings
as you had to touch the sun
the ashes in your breath
is the bitter taste of what youve done

the higher your luckystar rises
the deeper you will fall
who are you to impersonate god
who are you to know it all?
as soon as you see tomorrow dawn
the future unfolds before your eyes
its bit a sweet dream you dreamed
its a nightmare of the worlds demise


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