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stand in veneration ark sz

look in consternation as storms tear up the sea,
raging down upon us with greatest might.
gathering the power from above the clouds,
blackening the sun away from sight.

gaze in frustration as ground becomes a void,
forcing you towards the jaws of sand.
your power is now shaken to its foundation,
across every acre of your land.

fall to the ground after climbing so high,
fall to your knees and yield for the sky.
as the primordial powers unveil,
from beyond time, nature prevails.
you can only stand in veneration.

stare in astonishment as earth spits
out its core,
covering your land in a burning wave.
run for cover if you can
and save what can be saved,
or the wave will become your grave.

behold in amazement, inferiously you stand.
the air becomes a fire right before your eyes.
the sparkling flame of envy is setting you alight,
as mother nature cracks the sky.


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