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lies ark sz

what do i do
playing my tune for you
just to get you in the mood
everybodys going to hollywood
youre driving me mad
but im smiling to the crowd instead
a lot of money is at stake,
this is a hit and thats a fake
this is what you mean to me
this is what they all should see
make a make up in a foolish style
telling the truth by making a big lie
when i come, i come but nothings at ease
breaking up the whole is a modern disease
maybe you think tomorrows just a joke
its a joke after joke after joke after joke
my love
everythings an interview
and nothings really new
and everybodys looking for clues
and you know what to do with a clue
my love
get ready for the show
theyre waiting and they will never go
this night is just a go
and its only for show
dig that deal and be a millionaire
drinking cocktails in the stratosphere
getting jetlagged with my business friends in these supersonic wonderlands
theres a flicker on the graphic display,
first hes smiling then hes fading away
maybe he thinks tomorrows just a joke
its a joke after joke after joke after joke


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