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ravenhair ark sz

[the queen:]
-there you finally are, sister of the winds
and mother of my future deeds.
im in a battle i yet cant win,
so help me and tell me what you need.

[the witch:]
-lets hear what burdens your royal heart bears,
is it a burden of love or of hate?
tell me what obstacle lies in your way
and ill see what can be done to fate.

[the queen:]
-twice they count, the unfaithful.
the infidels of the crown.
the dark ones pretenders
trying to bring us down.

so let your magic be unleashed
and dispose of the false serpents of the night.

[the witch:]
-poorly my powers will bite, i can not harm royal blood.
i am not able to assist you in your fight.

[the queen:]
-witch, be gone then out of my sight
and take your feeble pitiable tricks and hide.

[the witch:]
-i shall be gone soon, though i give you one advice:
take the highest caution your wisdom can provide.


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