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portals of light ark sz

i sit here by your side
and weep you goodbye,
im singing songs of sorrow for you
true gentle rose of mine.
upon my arm ive tied a ribbon in black
although i know too well that this
will not ever bring you back.

i feel so astray inside
as i know youre far away.
let my love shine and be your guide
on your way towards the portals of light.

a lonely candle burns for you my only love,
meanwhile you roam the clouds among
heavens angels high above.
what is there left to live for
as youve gone away?
hopes lost forevermore,
ill mourn you till the end of days.

hear, my love,
hear my cry of deepest grief
as i weep for you eternally.
praying for your soul
and for light and for relief
as i shed your tears of misery.


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