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night of infamy ark sz

step inside and join us tonight.
dont stand in the cold like strangers.

thank you brother, we kindly accept.
let us feast tonight to the grace of god

the night continued in a high mood
but when all had went to bed
a darker temper started to intrude.
the royal pair, surprised!

this night of infamy
i will never forget
nor will my brothers,
the vengeance ill get.
ill leave you restless,
ill leave you blind
until one night:
a stab from behind.

although my eyes beheld cheap
i should not have mistaken the wolves scent.

their souls awaits nocturnal domains
their sweet taste of victory is only lent.

[birger and marta:]
locked behind steel and stone,
locked away by infamy.
listening to my reflections of life.
starving us to skin and bone,
leaving us to agony.
seeing signs too late of their strife.

now we are the ones to rule
the kingdom like it should,
as finally the credulous fool
is set aside for all of time.


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