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mindtraveller ark sz

i travel over high mountains
through deep valleys and forests
crossing great rivers
in search of knowledge of the gods
from far beyond place and time
i hear a whispering wind,
it tells me to strive on
through the horizon of my thoughts

i am the mindtraveller
my quest is mans destiny
teach me secret holy spells
and the wisdom of the elderly
gazing into my mind
entering my soul.
is there not a secret to unfold.
(here i have advices to be told)

i am the mindtraveller
seeking wisdom of yore
i am the mindexplorer
striving to know so much more
spirits of history fill my soul
with divine old words
i am on the right track
out of the haze ill emerge

i reach unknown corners
in the back of my mind
never been here before
still i recognise it all.
i hear the whispering voices
clearly all around me,
echoing in the valley
where magic intellect dwells

finally i can see the blind
not knowing why they exists,
i hear laments of nature,
where led the path we missed?


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