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hooves over northland ark sz

from the western realm they marched
through thunder, storm and rain
on a mission to quell the snakes.

[king haakon:]
-you will search every hole
and turn every stick and stone.
bring them out to light.

the hooves were pounding over the northland
while the battle cries rise high,
shaking up the distant skies.
the reaper had them close at hand
not losing them out of sight
from early morning until the night.

from the southern realm they marched
to gaze into their eyes
illuminate all the lies

[king menved:]
-no mercy will be shown
to stop their reckless minds
burn them out and make them blind

[king haakon:]
-pace onward you boldest of men
our time will come when we reach the end
we will descend

[king menved:]
-in the mist of the twilight tonight
when the sky is clear and the stars shine bright
their land well smite.


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