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enter the glade ark sz

listen to me children
and i will fill your ears
with all the sweet things
you love to hear.
if you are scared of death,
heres eternal life.
if youre down and all alone,
ill show you a paradise, for you to rejoice.
im your wishing well, im your only choice.

enter the glade that i create,
ill lead you through all sorrows.
follow the path towards your fate
and i will be your guide.

bring me all your treasures,
ill grant you my love.
buy yourself a dream
or a chance to redeem.
if you look hard
youll see me in the sky,
reaching out with loving hands
showing you the light, that now is for sale.
dont you hesitate, but buy yourself a grail.

kneel in front of the man who was sent by god,
show your great respect for the chosen one.
here you have the ticket to immortality,
just how much will you pay for ecstasy?


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