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jet-set ark sz

this is the time, now gimme that beat
feel how the rhythm grips your feet
kitty baby, take my hand
shes like a devil, heaven sent
im in her arms and shes in mine
maybe we make the film on time
sitting in the 15th row
oh baby, baby, i love you so
we are the jet set society
we are the jet set and that means liberty, liberty
the jet set society
we are the jet set set, we are the jet set set
were on the run, we know where to go, we got the tickets for the midnight show
these nights are burning out so fast, hop on the beam, you wont be last
the russians seem to be that way, we love them like we love d. kaye
we need no money, we get it for free
we are the high-high-high society
we are the jet set, hop on the beam
shine on, society, shine on, liberty
shine on, luxury, shine on, society
streets are full of love and fear, this could be the final year
enricos dead but still okay, we dance the streets, feeling well
if shes a liar, im her lover
if shes a priestess, im her cover
if shes a lady, im her man
if shes a man, ill do what i can
lets go to the moon, lets go to the moon
dig that kind of liberty and lets go to the moon..
come and join the institution


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