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in the mood ark sz

hes in the mood to touch the fire
hes in the mood to touch everything you are
jackys locked in a silent dream
hes watching movies on the tv screen
he feels unsteady, lights a cigarette
hes getting mellow in his cabinet
oh, jacky, when everything goes wrong
get ready, for youve got to be, youve got to be so strong
its so supersensual, sentimental
forget about your deepest fears
switch back to the golden years
youve got to touch the fire, wake up little boy
youve got to play the fire
jackys spying, is it her or not
his eyes are burning cause the brains too hot
he sitting calmly on his swivel chair
theres something coming from the upper stairs
now listen to me, jacky
you were always so lonesome in that quiet lonely house
high on a hill
now come... come and meet me
you know where
and we take a nice and easy holiday
back in the old, old days of happiness
oh jacky....
switch back to the golden years


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