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in bubblegum ark sz

if you need a holiday somewhere in the sun
let me show you something that is really fun
take a sparkling holiday somewhere in bubblegum
you can lie down in the shadow of electric silver trees
you can play ferry sinking victim looking water-ski
and if you want excitement ask the poet kids
they all look like charly manson a bit
take a sparkling holiday.. its such a fun
you might have a quite interesting sightseeing tour
go to hangover purgatory nightmare shore
see the damned and the dead and the died for love
the commercial gurus, the artist and the stuff
and if you come to lovey church, sit down in second row
you can hear your sister screaming in the room below
and the priest will claim thus they might be sure
a girl can either be a saint or a whore
take a sparkling holiday...
come to the old bridge where the jokers juggle with your fears
give them a penny and theyll show you how to exorcise
and under the bridge the junkies shoot sperm
its so expensive these days and they substitute the yearning
and if you want to dine, go to loonys inn
they serve sweet, good collapse with trauma and gin
and afterwards you may need a rest
then ill tell you pere lachaise is the best
take a sparkling holiday...


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