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blackfoot, blackfoot arklar, blackfoot ark szleri
1.after the reign329
2.baby blue510
3.big wheels400
4.born to rock431
5.born to rockn roll657
6.chilled to d343
7.chilled to dbone537
9.diary of a working man385
10.doin my job616
11.drivin fool623
12.dry county391
13.fire of the dragon415
14.fly away400
15.goin in circles514
16.good morning393
17.guitar slingers song379
18.hang time419
19.hearts grown cold461
20.highway song397
21.i got a line on you472
22.i stand alone444
23.indian world395
24.its all over now531
25.left turn on a redlight484
26.nobody rides for free395
27.not another maker444
28.not gonna cry anymore388
29.pay my dues392
30.payin for it653
31.railroad man539
33.rattlesnake rockn roll653
34.road fever405
35.run and hide403
36.run for cover375
37.runnin runnin604
38.runnin runnin760
40.send me an angel435
41.sittin on top of the world566
42.sleazy world423
43.soldier blue387
45.take a train358
46.teenage idol384
47.the roads my middle name376
48.the stealer409
50.too hard to handle394
51.train train498
52.tupelo honey540
53.were going down569
54.white mans land497
55.wishing well344
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