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highschool confidential ark sz

shes a cool blonde scheming bitch
she makes my body twitch
walking down the corridor
you can hear her stilettos click
i want her so much i feel sick
the girl cant help it, she really cant help it now
its like a highschool, highschool confidential
teenage brandos stalk her in the halls
they tease her with cat calls
shes a combination anita eckberg, mamie van doren
dagmar highschool confidential
whats the principal doin with her whos that girl
is she screwing with her
whats her perfume: tigress by faberge
she makes me cream my jeans
when shes coming my way
she drives a candy pink cadillac
if i dont get her soon, ill have a heart attack
when she flashes me a look i wanna burn my books
givinup, givinup, givinup high-high-high..


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