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duel ark sz

this is a walk into the dark
master of duel, lighting a cigarette
flash in the rain, sign of a walk into the dark
youll make it for sure..
here she comes, closer than ever
out in the cold neon night, lost in the road, lonely girl
now she stops somehow alarmed
closer than ever
breaking your heart once again
rendezvoyeur, what will you do?
maybe you let her go, maybe you dont
you just cant decide to show up or hide
shell never know. just let go! oh no!!
what you gonna do, boy
you waited too long, now you have to go on
shell never know, just let go!!
rendezvoyeur, what will you do?
may be you let her go, just go!!!
you waited too long but whatever you do
it seems to me she waits here for you too..


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