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dreamscape on the beach ark sz

is our place
in the free and open air
under starry skies
by the endless sea
in an endless chain
we are locked together
i became a star
you were my creator
never have we been closer than tonight
u & i when our shadows crossed the light
never have we walked
further wondrous ways
and this is where we stand
here on the beach
and im tolling my bell
in the fog 2 let u know
im here by your side
in this madness called life
though the knights have all gone
and we lowered our flags
i sing you this song as the tides wash the sands
on the beach
take my hand like i once took yours
look me in the eye like i once looked in yours
here we go again, speaking in strange codes
reading all the stars
like an open book
on the beach


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