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do the strand ark sz

theres a new sensation, a fabulous creation
a danceable solution to teenage revolution
do the strand, love, when you feel love
its the new way, thats why we say
do the strand
do it on the tables, quaglinos place or mabels
slow and gentle, sentimental
all styles served here, louis seize he prefers
laissez-faire le strand
tired of the tango, fed up with fandango
dance on moonbeams, slide on rainbows
in furs or blue jeans, you know what i mean
do the strand
were playing our tune by the pale moon
were incognito down the lido
and we like the strand
had your fill of quadrilles, the madison and cheap thrills
bored with the beguine, the samba isnt your scene
if you feel blue look through whos who
see la goulue and nijinsky
do the strandsky
weary of the waltz, mashed potato schmaltz
the sphinx and mona lisa, lolita and guernica
rhododendron is a nice flower
evergreen it lasts forever but it cant beat the strand power
do the strand


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