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dangerous places ark sz

people buzzing around,
they dont know a thing
they just a laugh
and the ones in power are always pulling the strings
people do what they do,
how much can they take
they just get the news
and the ones in power always get the cake
but you got ambition,
you got the face, come on, lets go to a dangerous place
you got the class, i think youre desperate,
lets go to a dangerous place
come on - lets go, come on -
lets go, come on...
i promise this thing will sell,
i promise ill take you to heaven
i promise this thing will sell, and i just cant wait
you have your plans, all these plans
and there are moments,
shall i call them a chance
if i was you i would make them all mine
and if i aint got the power i would commit a crime
but you got ambition...
i promise this thing will sell...
im gonna make you a deal,
you know im your friend
im gonna stay with you until the very end
i know you got the guts,
i got a lot of time
im gonna make me yours
before i make you mine


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