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pretty baby, dont you know, times they are a changin
every little moment we grow up we lose control
lifes a loaded gun with no directions
and it keeps you on the run, it has no mercy
mum and daddy went to war, never coming back no more
did you ever think theyd make you whole again
maybe someone dropped a bomb
just right into the middle of your soul-theyre in control
you got to get out of control again - no more control again
youre getting whole again - aint no control again
you got to get out of control
20th century honey bee, what youre doing is what youll be
lifes no dress rehearsal when you bring the honey in
everything seems wrong to thee
nurtured from the poison of reality that has no mercy
all your friends went for the thrill, now its yours to grab the kill
did you ever think youre getting whole again
maybe someone send a priest with some religion cooking in a bowl
theyre in control
you got to get out of control again...
whats the fucking thing about control, did you think youd ever getting whole
just as long as there is no control, they have no control of you at all


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