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apollo ark sz

show me a place that aint hell, if theres space, give me room to breathe
thats all that i need for this body cant fail
and if music be the food of love, play on, give me excess of it
let it all out, please let me out of here
and i shall rise from the ashes
grow like a rose from the ruins
there must be light in the darkness
hope at the end of the night
yes, ive been tryin all my life to get to heaven
but awoke in the eye of the storm
but i shall rise from the ashes, grow from the ruins and return
back home
this is a call from the gaols coming up to the prisoners of pleasure
drunk on the blood of the next generations
and ive been through many strange confusions, splitting myself into to many faces
now the mirror is broken, i can see the worms behind
you may well have your ways of triumph, you may well have your ways of truth
just gimme some room to breathe, thats all that i need
me and my strange friends
we all belong to the grand astral body
(take my hand and i take you out of here)
and theres you behind those legendary curtains
take my hand before you wither in the crowd
and i take you out of here
this is the end of the show, i dont know was i wrong was i right
oh love, i dont know, i wasnt perfect for sure
but now i feel like a new born baby, lying in the dew of the morning
laughing at the sky like a brave new apollo


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